Andrew Hotburn
Andrew Hotburn




Nat, Mark


Bossmansirking, Oobi, Minnie, A.J. (All formerly)

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A Lost Minnie

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The Future Life (Movie)

Andrew Hotburn is a recurring character in the Future Life


Andrew ran H.O.T.B.U.R.N., which the company's acronym in the title didn't mean anything; it was just Andrew's last name. The company sold electronics that were used, broken, or that had loathsome software on them. Unlike Laptopihand, the company never made as much money as Laptopihand did, which was why Andrew believed that Laptopihand was his main rival. Andrew's company was liked by Grampoos though; they liked the loathsome items on the electronics, even though the regular customers hated the electronics. Around the end of season 2, Andrew's company was shut down by the S.W.A.T. after they found out that Andrew's company led by him had invaded Laptopihand to prove that their sales were better than theirs. At the end of The Future Life movie, Bossmansirking hires Andrew to be the CEO of Laptopihand's international arm, which Bossmansirking renames from Laptopihand Electronics International to Laptopihand-Hotburn Computers Inc.

Andrew can be described as pretty dim-witted, as in Revenge of the Hotburn, he believed that his sales were the best, when he had his chart showing his profits upside down. He also can be described as a tiny bit psycho, sullen, and self absorbed.


Andrew Hotburn is shaped like Oobi but with black hair. He has brown eyes.