Bossmansirking is major character in Oobi the Future Life.


Bossmansirking was born on January 7, 1958. He spent his childhood investigating technology (An Oobi's Life) and still hanging out with friends, as he still remembered his friend Jack from his childhood (The Big Dinner). After some financial issues as the CEO of Burger Hand, Bossmansirking stepped down in 1985 and acquired another job as technical support for the show Oobies in Manhattan (An Oobi's Life). This helped his technological interests grow until he formed Laptopihand in 2002. He found an assistant in Angus, who helped co-found the company. The company grew successfully.


A charming and caring man, Bossmansirking finds it his goal to make sure that his employees have a good time while they work, allowing them to get the job done. He cares deeply about his employees' safety, as he deployed security guards once to protect them from the clutches of Andrew Hotburn (Revenge of the Hotburn). Although his heart is pure gold, he can get angry easily, as shown when he and favorite employee Oobi yelled at Grampoo after he caused Bossmansirking to fall into his dinner (The Big Dinner). 


Bossmansirking looks like Grampoo and has red carrot hair


  • In "Sing Now",Bossmansirking is required to sing,but he doesn't.

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