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Oobi, Uma, Kako, Sam (before Reunion of the Gramps), Jack


Sam (after Reunion of the Gramps), Andrew Hotburn, Poopoo

First Apperance

The Big Mistake

Last Appearance

The Future Life



Grampoo Doopu Flirg is a main tritagonist of The Future Life


Grampoo is now 79, and is jobless. He is very mean, as revealed in Oobi Has The Chance. Grampoo also has glasses. Grampoo also appears in Grampooped, as he has to work as a replacement employee for A.J. while he's out on vacation, but he gets sick. He also interrupted Oobi's date with Minnie in Oobi's Date, squirts Bossmansirking's butt with ice cream in the beginning of In The Court, arrested in Do The Crime,Do The Time, being revealed as a monster in Just Be Scared, and others.

Appearences (in order of appearences)

Grampoo appears in all episodes of the spinoff series Grampoo The Past Life, and his past form before he became Grampoo is under the page Grampu.


  • In Grampooped, Oobi revealed Grampoo can't be overworked because he can get overworkitis.

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