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Grampoo's Ordinary Day is the second episode of the Future Life.

Release Date:11-30-1999



After Oobi,Kako,and Uma leave for playing with their friends,Grampoo uses his schedule for the day.

10:30:Make poop

10:35:Eat chips

10:43:Watch T.V


12:00:Make more poop

12:30 Lunch



2:00 More Poop

2:30: More Food

3:00 Kids Return

The last frame of the episode pans out to Oobi, Minnie, A.J., and Bossmansirking laughing. It turns out that the episode was a secret home movie filmed by Oobi when he was younger. Oobi laughs that Grampoo knows nothing about the video, that is, until Grampoo breaks into Laptopihand and tries to chase Oobi. Oobi causes Grampoo to slip on a glasses case, and breaks his back. Oobi ends the episode saying, "Grampoo is hilarious.",and breaks out into laughter.


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