"Durr durr durr durr DURR DURR DUUUUUUR!"

Release Date:5-16-2002

- Grampoo

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Season 3, Episode 69


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Grampoo Gets Embarrassed is the 69th episode of Oobi The Future Life.


  • Oobi
  • Uma
  • Kako
  • Grampoo
  • A.J.


Grampoo wakes up in the morning at 7:08 A.M. He eats breakfast, and then puts in a CD that you can't see. When it turns on, it turns out to be a Zumba dance disk. Grampoo mutes the T.V. and tells Oobi to go to work or he'll bomb Laptopihand. Oobi screms, gets his Goobi® Speedmaster Laptop, and drives away in his car. Grampoo then starts the dancing, but can't quite get it right. Oobi comes back home to get his lunch when he sees Grampoo, sweaty and dancing terribly. Oobi giggles and slowly walks out of the house. Grampoo then has a seizure and throws up. Oobi tells Uma about Grampoo, but she doesn't believe him. Oobi then shows her a video of Grampoo failing at Zumba. Uma laughs uncontroably and tells Oobi to share it on Tweetir and Oobi does so. Oobi then sends the video to A.J. A.J. reads the e-mail out loud and opens the attacthment (the video). A.J. laughs so hard and then falls out of his chair, followed by a big "OW" and some crying. Grampoo, of course, finds out about what Oobi did, but thinks it's on the website of his own account, Buttbook. He files a complaint to the website, constantly typing words such as despicable, poopoo heads, and outrageous, when Oobi finally comes clean and tells Grampoo that he posted it on Tweetir, not Buttbook. Grampoo then gasps, groans, and gets a deleted account message. He bangs his head over and over again while crying. Oobi nervously laughs and runs away.