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New Neighbors is the first episode of Grampoo The Past Life.


  • Grampoo
  • Oobi
  • Kako
  • Macy
  • Nick


Oobi is sleeping in his bed when he wakes up. His parents call him for breakfast, and Oobi eats a bowl of Chocolate Cherrio's. Oobi's dad then tell him that there going on a trip. Oobi asks where, and his mom says it's a surprise. Uma Oobi and his parents walk out the door. 10 minutes later Oobi sees Grampu's house and screams out "Grampu's house? Yay!" When Oobi runs up to Grampu he geets Oobi and tells him that they'll have a fun day together. Oobi and Grampu then play for a while, and watch T.V. Oobi says that he wants to go outside, and sees a car and moving trucks. Oobi then walks over and meets another kid, who says that his name is Kako. They start running around, and Oobi's parents meet Kako's parents. The episode ends when Grampu laughs and says "Oh, kids."