Uma, Kako, Grampoo, Minnie, A.J., Jordan, Ken, Mark, Lola,Angus, Iboo, Amu, Okak


Sam, Andrew Hotburn, Nat, Mark, Oopmarg, Poopoo

First Appearence

The Big Mistake

Last Appearence

The Future Life (Movie)

Oobi is the main protagonist in the Future Life.


Oobi is now a 19 year old who has a job at Laptopihand. His family is Uma, a 14 year old who is jobless, Kako, an 18 year old commercial star, and Grampoo, a 79 year old jobless grandfather. He soon goes on many wild adventures at work as Season 2 goes on, such as saving Grampoo in Do The Crime, Do The Time, fighting over a slice of pizza in The Battle For Just A Slice of Pizza, flinging Sam out of the window in Reunion of The Gramps, Sam's Revenge, and Sam Daddy, ruining H.O.T.B.U.R.N's plans to destroy the workplace, being a detective, and more.


Oobi is peach with five fingers and brown eyes.


  • In The Big Dinner, it is revealed by Uma that Oobi makes good potato fries.

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