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Oobi The Future Life is a fan-ficton Oobi series.


Oobi - He works at Laptopihand and is 19.

Kako - He is a commercial advertiser and is 18.

Uma -She is a 14 year old hand puppet with no job.

Grampoo -He is 79 with glasses and is ultra mean.

A.J. - He is an 18 year old employee at Laptopihand.

Minnie - She is a 19 year old employee and Oobi's love life at Laptopihand.

Bossmansirking - He is the 61 year old owner of Laptopihand.

Supporting Characters

Sam- Grampoo's 80 year old former friend, who is now trying to kill Grampoo, his grandchildren, and their friend.

Poopoo- The CEO of Gramppoui,  a rival company of Laptopihand. He wants to force the company out of business.

Andrew Hotburn- The CEO of H.O.T.B.U.R.N., a company that also hates Laptopihand.

Freddie York-Oobi's cousin who has black hair.

Kory- Oobi's arch rival from elementary school. He has red glasses.

Jayden McGase- Bossmansirking's substitute.

McOobi's Customer- A male oobi who went to McOobi's.

Jack- Grampoo's 69 year old friend He has red hair.

Doobi Ooberson-One of Oobi's friends at Laptopihand.

Freida-One of Oobi's closest friends.

Frankie-Friend of Freida and Oobi.

Andrew Hotburn-CEO of H.O.T.B.U.R.N. He has black hair.

Nat-He has brown hair.

Mark-He is bald.

Hank Dank-A grampoo who has a construction job.

Xander Fury-Works for the Army Corps. He has black hair


Daspoo Dotttt

Daspoo Dotttt

Jordan-Is seen singing with Oobi, Minnie, and A.J.

Kate Diamond-Is a movie star.She has brown hair.

Daspoo Dotttt-Cursed Oobiville with two words:Butt Butt!

Angus Kirdif- Vice President of Laptopihand.

Clargpoo-Abandoned sailor. Has to worry about two malfunctioned Rescue Probes that are after him!

Poopoo Peepee-Runs Gramppoui. Rival of Laptopihand.

Sourpoop Dip-Once got his face stuck in Grampoo's sink. Works as a sink repairman.

Iboo-The alternate universe Oobi.

Okak EranuLeD-The alternate universe Kako.

Amu -The alternate universe Uma.

Oopmarg Grilf-The alternate universe Grampoo. He wanted to blow up Laptopihand.

Evil Dr. Frankbuttpoopeeyourbuttstinks-Tries to blow up Oobiville costantly.

Xavier-Oobiville's hero.

Sam's Dad-Mr. Sam

Security Guards- They are only seen in Sam Daddy.

S.W.A.T.- Only seen in H.O.T.B.U.R.N.E.D.


John Grote- Works at Gramppoui.

Diggie Duggie-Also works at Gramppoui.

Grapu-Grampoo's father.

Elmo Emo-The victim of a senseless hating by Uma.

Matsumio Koleo-A furniture seller only seen in The Future Life movie

Rescue Probes-Constantly are seen chasing Clargpoo, the abandoned sailor, and trying to eliminate him.

Random People-People who are only seen in The Big Fart Theory.

Episode List

Season 1

1.The First Day (Part One)

2.The First Day (Part Two)

2.Grampoo's Ordinary Day

3.The Big Mistake

4.Just Be Scared

5.A Bird in the Hand

6.Super Kako


8.Reunion of the Gramps

9.Oobi's New Computer

10.The Mystery of the Hat

11.The Killer in the Dark

12.The Long Lost Hand

13.Oobi's Date

14.Sam's Revenge

15.Day of the Uma

16.Pick the Accsessory


18.Amnesiac Grampoo

19.The Big Dinner

20.Grampoo Gets Pranked

Season 2

21.Dad's Back!- Grampoo's father visits the house, and unfortunately causes some chaos.

22.Snow Way Out!- A January snowstorm results in Oobi and company trapped inside Laptopihand and Bossmansirking trapped outside!

23.Shaving Cream Madness- Shaving cream is spilled by A.J. at the workplace, causing everyone to play with it.

24.More Killers?- Another killer yet again invades Uma's hallway, but is it really Grampoo this time?

25.Grampoo Game Show Show- Grampoo appears on a game show.

26. The Battle for Just A Slice of Pizza- Oobi and A.J. battle for a slice of pizza.

27.In The Court- Grampoo is thrown in court after he squirts Bossmansirking's butt with ice cream, resulting in the latter going through a bad allergy spell.

28.Do The Crime,Do The Time- Grampoo is jailed after the court case and needs to be bailed out by Oobi and Minnie!

29.Return to the Incinerator- A beloved item of Bossmansirking's is thrown in the Incinerator, forcing Oobi and Minnie to retrieve it. But, the Incinerator is even deadlier....

30.A Dream Gone Wrong- Oobi has a nightmare where everyone he knows suddenly wants to kill him! What makes matters worse is that they become solid beings!

31.Sam Daddy- Sam, armed with a hammer and his father, invades Laptopihand and kidnaps some employees.

32.The Truth Hurts- 

33.The Great Outdoors


35.Time Out

36.Bunny Buisness


38.A Lost Minnie (Part 1)

39.A Lost Minnie (Part 2)

40.Accept No Substitutes

41.Revenge of the Hotburn

42.Sing Now


44.Fright Night

45. Car Capers

46.Ignorance is Bliss

47.The Dark Knighttime

48.Sleepy Time

49.To Eat or Not To Eat


Season 3

51. The Rise of Gramppoui- The Laptopihand employees are having a normal work day, but find out that a new electronics business, called Gramppoui, has started up near Laptopihand, and may be stealing their customers.

52. When Hands Fly- Oobi gets shot out of the house by Grampoo, but he won't fall down!

53. The Potty War- Oobi goes to use the bathroom and doesn't realize that the person in the next stall is Poopoo, and when Poopoo realizes that Oobi is there, he starts flinging poop from the toilet at him.

54. Freddie Visits Oobi- Oobi's long lost cousin, Freddie, comes to visit Oobi at Laptopihand.

55. The Bully- A bully from Oobi's childhood, Kory, finds

56. Sinky- The sink is broken, so Grampoo calls in Sourpoop Dip to fix it.

57. Grampuke- Grampoo has a puking problem.

58. This Ol' Man Came Rolling Home!- Grampoo heads to the supermarket with Sam and Jack only to find that the brakes won't work, and they wreak havoc in the city.

59. An Oobi's Life- Bossmansirking tells Oobi about his life with Andrew Hotburn before Laptopihand.

60. Uma Mad- Uma goes on a rampage when Grampoo takes away one of her dolls.

61. The Moster in the Storage Room- The Laptopihand employees believe that there is a monster in the storage room.

62. Crap in My Mouth- Grampoo gets a disease known as crapmouthitis, or pooing out of the mouth, and it drives everyone around him crazy.

63. Hello, Statue?- Bossmansirking needs Oobi, A.J., and Minnie to get a statue from the Storage Room.

64. The Big Fart Theory- Grampoo makes a giant fart and people start rumors of the "big fart theory".

65. I hate you, Elmo!- Uma fights her Elmo doll when Elmo insulted her.

66. Am I the Boss?-It's a crisis at Laptopihand when Bossmansirking falls and gets amnesia, and all he can remember is what he ate for breakfast...6 years ago!

67. Supreme Error-Grampoo turns on his PC and finds out that his PC is infected with viruses, and error messages fill the screen.

68. Gramps-Grampoo watches some movies he made called "Gramps" all day while Oobi needs his help to fix the car.

69. Grampoo Gets Embarrassed-While Grampoo is ballet dancing, Oobi sees him and tells everyone at Laptopihand.

70. All's Well That Ends Well- Oobi and Kory become friends, Grampoo and Sam are still enemies, and Laptopihand has good things coming for it.


1. A Lost Minnie-

2. Oobi's Birthday- It's Oobi's 20th birthday, and all his friends come to the party.

3. The Future Life- The big epic end to the OTFL series.

4. Grampoo and Sam: Friends Again?- Are Grampoo and Sam friends again?

(Note: These specials are in order of which one will appear first, to which one will appear last)

Grampoo The Past Life

Grampoo The Past Life is a ten-part mini series which is a spin-off of Oobi The Future Life. It is about Goobi Doopu Flirg, known as Grampoo to his grandkids and their friend Kako, before he became a mean geezer and then known as Grampoo Doopu Flirg.


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