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Operation:Escape is the 7th episode of Oobi The Future Life.

Release Date:11-23-1999


  • Oobi
  • Minnie
  • Bossmansirking
  • Clargpoo Cork
  • Rescue Probes


Bossmansirking calls Oobi and Minnie to a meeting. He tells the duo that an item needed to make Super Computer was mistaken for garbage and put in the Incenerator. Bossmansirking wants Oobi and Minnie to recieve the item before it's destroyed. Oobi and Minnie arrive at the Incenerator and go inside. The duo look for the item for a long time. Oobi sees the item and grabs it. The alarm goes off, and Oobi and Minnie start running.Clargpoo runs with them.Clargpoo turns around and sees the Rescue Probes chasing after him. He then pants constantly. Then while he is offscreen, showing Oobi watching him while escaping, screaming then he is , offscreen, escapes in a way that we don't know. Oobi sees Minnie trapped under a thrown out bin. He throws the bin off of Minnie, allowing her to escape. The duo make it out, and Minnie shuts the door closed. Exhausted,Oobi and Minnie get back to the workplace and take a nap in Oobi's room.

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