Poopoo's prototype pic

Poopoo is minor charactor in the Future Life.


Poopoo fouded Gramppoui in 2000.He thought his company would beat all others, until he lost $2,000,000.


Poopoo is shaped like Grampoo, wears the Gramppoui uniform, is bald, and has blue eyes.



Poopoo makes a cameo in this episode.

At the end of Celebration you'll see Poopoo mumbling "I can make a company better than Laptopihand.Better than H.O.T.B.U.R.N..

The Rise Of GramppouiEdit

Poopoo is a major character in this episode.

All throughout this episode Poopoo is forming Gramppoui, and it finally gets done.In this episode he is succesful.

The Future Life (movie)Edit

Poopoo is a major character in this movie

Poopoo occours helping Evil Dr. Frankbuttpoopeeyourbuttstinks.

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