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Super Kako is the 6th episode of Oobi The Future Life.

Release Date:11-22-1999


  • Kako
  • Kate Diamond
  • Grampu
  • Hank
  • Uma
  • Oobi (Appears with Kate Diamond, Uma and Himself)


Kako is sitting on the couch, with nothing to do. Kako then thinks about super heroes. He then wants to become Super Kako. He makes his costume and places it in a bag, then takes a walk to see if there are any crimes going on. He sees Kate Diamond and Oobi,running screaming for help, while a robber chases her. Kako runs off screen, saying "This look like a job for... Super Kako!" After changing into his costume. Kako then beats up the robber until he is unconsious, then gets thanked by Kate. Kako then goes home. Kako then hears Uma cry for help. Kako changes into his costume and runs offscreen. He sees Hank looking at Uma screaming "Grampoo is stuck in a tree!" Kako then, to save him, instead of climbing the tree, throws a rock at Grampoo's nose, then causing him to fall on the ground. Everyone cheers for Super Kako. Grampoo then moans and says "My nose is bleeding uncontrolably." Then Kako says "Well, maybe being a super hero is too big of a job for me." He then places his costume in a bag, then goes back into the house.

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