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The Big Fart Theory is the 64th episode of Oobi The Future Life.Characters.

Release Date:5-9-2002


  • Oobi
  • Kako
  • Uma
  • Grampoo
  • Random People (cameo)


Grampoo is at the kitchen table. He eats 43 cans of beans and 28 burritos. He starts feeling funny and makes a loud and big fart. Random people are seen looking confused and then starting a rumor called "The Big Fart Theory". Oobi, Kako, and Uma walk into the kitchen, asking Grampoo what he ate. He says he ate 43 cans of beans and 28 burritos. Kako and Uma say "Eww!" and Uma runs outside with Kako. Grampoo goes to eat more beans when Oobi throws the plate across the room. Grampoo growls and says "I want mah beans" and chases Oobi outside. Gramoo is about to punch Oobi but Oobi turns left and Grampoo slams into the tree, having serious head trauma and faints. Oobi goes and sprays air freshener in the room and says "Ahh. Sweet, sweet, air freshener" and the episode ends.


  • Kako is not wearing his hat

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