"Yes! Soon Laptopihand will crumble! Ha ha ha!"

- Poopoo

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Season 3,Episode 51


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When Hands Fly

The Rise of Gramppoui is the 51st episode of Oobi The Future Life


  • Oobi
  • Bossmansirking
  • A.J.
  • Minnie
  • Angus (cameo)
  • Poopoo
  • Diggie
  • John


Oobi, Angus, Bossmansirking, A.J., and Minnie are having a normal day at work. Oobi tells Bossmansirking he needs some fresh air. Bossmansirking says okay and Oobi goes outside. As he is walking, he notices a sign. It reads "Gramppoui Electronics Store" Oobi is startled and thinks Gramppoui might run Laptopihand out of business and finds out the boss is a grampoo named Poopoo Peepee. He tells Bossmansirking about Gramppoui. Just then, a large group of people enter Gramppoui. Oobi enters to see what is going on. He sees two employees named Diggie and John, passing out electronics, and they have wads of cash already. He also figures out the Gramppoui first opened just an hour ago. Oobi passes out. A.J. finds him and drags himback to Laptopihand. Just then, Oobi sees everyone crying because Laptopihand is losing money rapidly. The episode finally ends when Poopoo says "Puhh, Laptopihand... more like LaptopiFAIL! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"